Ecommerce Logistics

3PL services to support your ecommerce business

As your ecommerce inventory grows, so does the need for an efficient and automated 3PL partner. Our flagship warehouse ideally located on Manchester Airport’s World Freight Terminal, along with an experienced team, provide safe and secure storage and distribution for your ecommerce business.

With increasing customer demand, fast response time and visibility are of the essence for ecommerce. Through our integrated tracking system, our clients can easily view the status and progression of stock inventory, allowing us to continually improve on-time performance, reduce costs and proactively communicate more effectively with customers and partners.

We work with a wide range of retail and ecommerce clients, seeking every opportunity to deliver added value to our customers through speed and transparency. Our comprehensive 3PL services ensure that our clients’ products are ready to be supplied at the highest levels of retail availability either online or through major retail outlets.

Working with a 3PL partner like Blacksmith Freight, we can provide operational expertise, and the physical infrastructure to create a truly efficient and effective supply chain for your eCommerce business, ensuring that your goods get into the right hands, at the right time.

3PL ecommerce services:

  • RF scanning with full pick and pack services, including container devanning, labelling, repacking and quality control.
  • Real-time access to stock levels and order details, giving you full visibility of your supply chain.
  • Manage delivery of products direct to consumer, store or distribution to your wholesaler.
  • IATA accredited agent with access to over 250 airline members, including scheduled freighters to ensure your goods reach the warehouse quickly and cost effectively.
  • A flexible 3PL partner who can handle your business now and as you grow, as well as during peak seasons.

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